Knee Injury Rehabilitation

Injury from sports can be very debilitating and it is essential to take care of your knee when injured. You may want to think about what sport rehabilitation app to choose that will help rehab knee injury quickly. With new advancements in mobile technology, it becomes ever more possible for you to do physical therapy exercises from your phone or tablet. Some even use artificial intelligence technology to help precisely to control the exercise process. This article will look into three apps that can help you get back on your feet easily and efficiently.

My Knee Guide 

The app defines itself as an interactive and comprehensive resource for people who are considering or undergoing knee surgery. It provides info about knee anatomy, surgery and prostheses. Users can also read patient stories who have gone through the process and shared their experiences, view pre-hospital checklists, enter medical contact information, build a timeline for their surgery, and view pre-hospital checklists.

Pocket Physio 

With a variety of video demonstrations, Pocket Physio targets different body areas. It has a knee section with training options for patients before and after surgery. Additionally, there are instructions on how to dress, take a bath, and get in and out of a car, as well as how to walk with a frame, use crutches, and navigate stairs.


FAAST is a breakthrough in the world of movement analysis. The FAAST app enables real-time motion analysis and uses the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) to give instant feedback with just a smartphone (no cumbersome wires, trackers or expensive devices). This proprietary algorithm provides an accurate assessment of landing accuracy and helps coaches, physiotherapists and users target issues such as hip flexor flexibility and quad strength. It makes sport rehabilitation easy and reduces the chance of knee injury.

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